Is this space for photography only?

Use the space for whatever you need! While you have optional access to photo/video equipment, we hope to provide you with much more!

It is a great space for off-site meetings!

You have equipment available on site?

Yes! We understand that bringing extra equipment can be a hassle, so we’ve included equipment packages that are available when you schedule. When you order the package, we’ll grant you access to our equipment closet.

What do we do for parking?

The best place to park is on the side of the building (on the East side). There is also parking available on the West side and on the street on the South side. There are a lot of options for parking.

What do I do when I arrive?

You should receive a combo for our lock box in your email. Use this combo to retrieve the key and unlock the door. There will be an on-site checklist with instructions fo what to do as you set up and take down your work space.

What should I do when I leave?

Make sure you’ve completed the on-site checklist. Turn off the lights. Turn off the AC (if you used it). Lock the door. And store the key back into the lock box.

Do you have any special discounts?

We are set up in groupon, so check out any offers that come through there.

What if something breaks or is damaged?

Please refer to our RULES policy .

Is there WI-FI?

In 2019? Yes, there is Wi-Fi!